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Straftanz was formed in 2006 by J-Ing, K-X, -JL- and Cyberdominator in Germany. Straftanz describes is style as “Industrial-Streetfighting-Dance”. Straftanz’s lyrics consists of the names of alternative German clubs, DJs and locations.

Straftanz gave their self titled demo track to several DJs across Germany and were signed by ‘Dependent’ after their club success. The demo was released as a single and became a huge success on the German Alternative Year Chart (Deutsche Alternative Jahrescharts).

Their record went out of business and they changed to the Label Scanner releasing their first EP ‘Tanz Kaputt, Was Euch Kaputt Macht!” followed by their first album ‘Forward Ever‘. In ‘Forward Ever’ artists like Carsten Jacek of [:SITD:] and Mille Petrozza with Myk Jung from ‘The Fair Sex’ collaborated on the recording. In 2006 they joined VNV Nation on their second part of the Tour ‘Faith Power Glory’.

As of June 17, 2010 -JL- announced on their main website (straftanz.de) that the Cyberdominator was no longer part of the band due to artistic differences. however Straftanz is currently working on their second material.

On a personal note, Straftanz has a unique sound that will definitely make you dance. One of my favorite songs is ‘Tanz Kaputt, Was Euch Kaputt Macht!’ which has an awesome beat ;)

Info: Straftanz.de

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