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aKa_DeLeTe began djing behind the decks of a Mexican night club, Zero Zone, in 2000. Known then as Dj HerbZ, It was simple and to the point, name is Herbie. There he started developing his talents as a club dj spinning everything from Techno, Industrial, 80′s, Nuwave, D n’B, and even Rock and ska. How does one spin Rock or ska you say? HerbZ and fellow Dj: Zapo made it work.

DeLeTe ended his tenure at Zero Zone in ’03 when he left the valley and move to Beeville, in the middle of nowhere. He became a correctional officer of all things. During this time, he was completely disconnected from the musical world, except of the rare trips to Corpus of San Antonio where he would frequent The Sanctuary or Sin 13.

After a year of that, he left Beeville for the big city and move to San Antonio. Taking jobs here and there, he was still out of the scene except for the rare club visits. Not knowing anyone made it hard to jump into the local scene. He had worked on his own material during times of musical isolation and tried to get the djs to play it with no success.

In April of ’05 at yet another dead end job in San Antonio, DeLeTe met Kristopher Olmedo. Kris was a drummer for a popular local band known as Emily’s Gone Mad. Kris and DeLeTe started talking and found out he was drumming for two bands, the other was Bombs over Berlin. Having developed this new friendship, Kris invited DeLeTe to a couple of his band practices and some band meeting where he got to meet and the guys in the bands and make more friendships. It was after this the Bombs Over Berlin was looking to expand and DeLeTe jumped in the picture. He was the 5th and newest member of the band and still went by Dj HerbZ at the time.

Things were great with the band and after some time, he and Kris decided to venture into a duo side project. This was an all electronic act consisting of nothing but Synths and  drum machines supplying the sick beats. They work on a couple of songs and decided to call themselves “DELETE.”

As in with a lot of bands, Bombs added members and lost some, line up changes were a regular. and DeLeTe was out the picture. In “07 DeLeTe made the trip back home to good old Brownsville to root his feet again and start off fresh.

All his friends were here so they knew where the scene was at. Good friend and Dj, Denise Garza, Dj Sweet, introduce DeLeTe to Valentinos. They had a Friday goth night and pretty good. after a month a two, DeLeTe convince the club manager/DJ to let him spin and show off his talents. After a couple of weeks of free DJing, Dj HerbZ was the new resident dj for Resurrection @ Valentinos.

Wanting to establish a new image for a new scene, Dj HerbZ wanted to change his name and added aKa: Delete to his name. Dj HerbZ aka: Delete was made in remembrance of Kris and that once side project. After a couple of months with the new name, he decided to drop the Dj HerbZ and aKa_DeLeTe was here to stay.

aKa_DeLeTe has since made a name for himself in the valley and is loved by those who have heard him. DeLeTe has had the please of spinning all over the lower valley, Mexico, and more recently in McAllen. Dj: aka_ delete is a two time vet of Texas Industrial Fest and is gearing up for his third. He is currently a contributor for NightShiftRgv.com. Where ever he is at you can expect him to draw a big crowd. Keep an eye open for his name and an ear open for the beats.

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